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  • I can see the sands on the horizon Everytime you are not around
  • And in a year, a year or so this will slip into the sea
  • No love, no glory No hero in her sky
  • 'Cause honey your soul could never grow old, it's evergreen

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  • ∞ will you be the one keeping me αlive? ♥
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  • x ♪ ♪ x when she sαys she loves you, tell her you love her too. ♥
  • x o - i've wαited α hundred yeαrs but i'd wαit α million more for you. ♥

  • now i see fire inside the mountain
  • we talk about a waste of future but we take a good look around
  • we'll carve our names as the sun goes down
  • i'd get down on my knees for you

  • ∞ "you really know how to dance" you might not see very much of me in the next week or two
  • ♫ "we can party all night long" rydazzling fashion
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  • ϟ "i solemnly swear that i'm up to no good" first set! yay!

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  • Emilys Binder Cover;;
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