• you are nothing but a cheap thinker
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  • if i can't have you, then i don't want anyone
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  • Say You'll Stay
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  • you are my life, I don't deserve you, but you love me just the same
  • With her wine-stained lips, yeah she’s nothing but trouble Cold to the touch but she’s warm as a devil
  • Untitled #930
  • there's a little bit of devil in her angel eyes

  • Merida: Highschool
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  • Suicide Prevention Day - September 10th
  • Eat Me
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  • Whispers At The Bus Stop, Well, I've Heard About Nights Out In The Schoolyard
  • Come On, Come On, Listen To The Money Talk
  • Then The Morning Comes
  • And I Won't Tell 'Em Your Name

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  • A Look That's Been Floating Around in My Head for Awhile
  • "Love is a bright idea..."
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  • "never will i let you go"
  • i couldn't find a star in the sky
  • things are looking up, even when i'm down

  • The Past
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  • Luke Hemmings imagine for Hannah
  • where did i go wrong, i lost a friend
  • you walked in, caught my attention
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